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Stockholm Contact List

Stockholm Contact List

Submitted By Matthew Bice (iheartny)


This contact list is designed to compliment the Stockholm Message Style.

For best results set Appearance Preferences to:
Status icons: Stockholm
Color Theme: Stockholm or Stockholm Black
List Layout: Stockholm
Window style: Group Bubbles
Opacity: 80%


- Added Black Variation.
- Lucida Grande is now the default font.
- Minor spacing tweaks.

- "Content" icon is updated to be more distiguisable from Offline status.
- Contact list Events colors updated.

- Initial Release of Contact List



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# by vip on 07/13/06 at 22:09:43

Thank you, it's amazing along with the rest of the suite :)

# by Mxwllsmrt4 on 07/14/06 at 00:55:30

looks sweet, nice job, has to be one of the best contact list styles.

# by xSpikex on 07/15/06 at 07:03:44

nice one... i like it!

# by Frederico on 07/16/06 at 09:04:04

What wallpaper do you use here ? :)

# by iheartny on 07/18/06 at 19:33:09

The wallpaper is a modified version of this

# by alej744 on 11/26/06 at 03:58:55

Can I have the modified version? :) PLEASE.

And is there +1024x640? I think that's a bit small for modern desktops.

# by rob-to86 on 01/19/09 at 01:07:36

I second that.

# by Frederico on 07/19/06 at 12:09:34

Thank you :)

# by alej744 on 11/26/06 at 03:57:03


# by charlie-man on 01/13/07 at 18:46:01

Wow. This set [all stockholm items] is just the best.
But I cannot find that desktop!! :(
Could you post it on imageshack or somthing?

# by iheartny on 03/27/07 at 22:48:00

sorry i did not design the desktop and so not support it.

# by alecocco on 08/18/07 at 14:28:41


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