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Big Icons, v3.1

Big Icons, v3.1

Submitted By Andy Allcorn (bob_the_gorilla)


Notice: As of Adium 0.8, a version of this style - henceforth known as "Plastic" - is bundled. I suggest you use the bundled style over this one, as it has numerous fixes and enhancements. If you haven't got 0.8 yet, I suggest you go and get it now!

With matching contact list theme, Not-So-Big Icons.

Does what it says on the tin - and a little bit more. A heavily modified version of PurePlastics (by Peter Simonsson).

  • Full size 96x96 icons in a header (the idea pilfered from "MSN" by Sam Walker).
  • Cycle between four header views by clicking on your icon, and the minimise / zoom buttons (see screenshots).
  • Hide the header at any time by clicking on your buddy's icon.
  • Wide range of heading and message colour combinations.
  • Free rifle with every other copy!*

Version 3.1 adds a view with two 48x48 icons, as requested. The headers now also have a shadow, because it looks cool.

Permission granted by the authors of all non-original code.
Please email me any bug reports or suggestions!

Bug fix credits: Rina, Jared. Thanks!

*See other copy


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# by on 10/19/04 at 02:09:30

Wow! Great work.

# by on 10/20/04 at 13:56:58

an excellent theme, especially when you get the version with header-bars off by default from the author's site. I don't use it myself, but I think the indent's a little big on the indented versions

# by Rina on 10/24/04 at 20:13:14

You're quite welcome. Thanks as well! You already know how much I love this message style =P

# by michelebugliaro on 10/25/04 at 17:17:12


# by bob_the_gorilla on 10/25/04 at 19:02:39

Thanks a lot everyone :) This is a work in progress, as I'm still learning the rules of CSS and trying to perfect this theme. So check back for updates!

# by on 10/25/04 at 19:17:19

Excellent style!! Keep up the great work! And... THANKS!!! :)

# by thy on 10/28/04 at 17:58:59

very cool!!

# by Anonymous on 11/01/04 at 01:07:20

great job. a nice header would be the smaller one that shows both icons, not just one. so youd have a smaller version of the larger one (the smaller version is plenty large for me)

# by on 11/02/04 at 16:23:20

Is there anyway I can modify this so that it defaults to the small header? The smaller size icon of the buddy with their name, "conversation began ..." with the plus and i boxes visible?

The small icons variant still isn't small enough and the no icons variant is too minimal. I tried popping it open in TextEdit to see if I can figure out the CSS but I apparently can't do that anymore as TextEdit just gives me an error.

# by bob_the_gorilla on 11/02/04 at 16:48:29

Well, I composed it in TextEdit... :) Such a variant is already available on my website:

# by bob_the_gorilla on 11/03/04 at 15:32:15

# by on 11/06/04 at 20:50:08

how do i make the header hidden by default???

# by bob_the_gorilla on 11/06/04 at 22:00:35

See the above link.

# by on 11/08/04 at 00:44:30

help! after installing this message style (without even having selected it) I can no longer even enter the message style prefs section without causing immediate crash. I want to test this one! help me someone!


# by bob_the_gorilla on 11/08/04 at 17:32:52

Hi Simon, I suggest you post in the Adium forums for tech support with Adium itself. I would think that one of your preference files has corrupted and needs deleting. Never delete anything without first creating a backup, though, in case it doesn't help.

# by Blue Milker on 11/10/04 at 05:53:59

This is awesome. My absolute favorite.

# by Ben on 11/12/04 at 03:36:06

PERFECT! This is just what I've been looking for since I got Adium! It's great! I love being able to change the size of the images too... easily. Thanks!

# by daniel on 11/21/04 at 14:49:34

Its so cool!!!!! it would be perfect if there wasn't the (MSN), (AIM), etc. thing after the screen name. GOOD JOB though!!!

# by bob_the_gorilla on 11/22/04 at 00:39:26

Thanks again for all the ego-swelling comments. Daniel: I only included that after a specific request in the first place :) I happen like it, so I won't permanently change the style; but if you want, email me and I'll send you a tweaked copy. A similar thing goes for anyone else who wants a minor cosmetic change.

# by on 12/14/04 at 00:13:58

Yes, I believe that I am partial to this style. I like grey vs. graphite.

# by Junpei on 01/16/05 at 05:58:40

Like it, but would love updated versions of Ice and Pink!!!

# by bob_the_gorilla on 01/17/05 at 10:16:12

I'll try to get round to it, but work has a bit of a monopoly on my time at the moment!

# by on 01/17/05 at 23:49:16

The pictures don?t change when a person changes there picture on the other end (Yahoo). Have to close window then open it again. Would be nice if it checked for image changes periodically.

Otherwise great!

# by bob_the_gorilla on 01/18/05 at 09:38:15

Sorry. I wish I could change that - but I can't (as far as I know), without losing the on-the-fly resizing of the header... which is too much of a sacrifice :D

# by Dindgeri on 02/21/05 at 16:44:28

This theme just rocks. Unfortunatly, I found a bug. Pictures are not refreshed periodacly. If I change my picture (at least using an AppleScript), or if the guy I'm talking to changes his picutre, I have to close and open the window again to see the actual pictures.

Glad if you could fix that, because this theme is realy great.



# by Dindgeri on 02/21/05 at 16:47:13

Oops, I'm sorry for posting without checking older posts. By the way, don't you have an older version without the on-the-fly-resizing feature that refreshes the images?

Would be as great as the current one, for me.



# by on 02/22/05 at 16:27:25

it dosnt seem to work for me :( and this is the only style i can find where i can acturly properly SEE the other persons icon to :( what to do??

# by bob_the_gorilla on 02/22/05 at 16:53:03

Dindgeri - it's not actually that simple, it'd be a rewrite of the style. But I may do it. :) Grunt_monkey - For support I'd suggest you post in the forums or (even better) email me, as this isn't the best place to have a tech support discussion! :-D

# by on 03/15/05 at 01:06:37

best message style ever!

# by Noah on 03/31/05 at 14:41:19

I love this theme, but I was wondering if there is one thing you could change, maybe as just one of the choices. Though for msn the icons look good when you talk to someone on aim they become way too big and distorted. Is there anyway you could set it so it would show them as the smaller version to begin with instead of the large one. I always just have to shrink them, but then I have no problems.

# by bob_the_gorilla on 03/31/05 at 15:03:01

# by on 06/12/05 at 06:56:14

My favourite skin!

# by on 06/15/05 at 00:45:01

I Like this one !!

# by rstupidity on 10/04/05 at 08:25:44

Re: Plastic, I was wondering if it's possible to fix it so that large text fonts (when sending in a font size (in my case, 24) other than the default, and also receiving). I use this only because I cannot find another style that shows the service (ie. AIM or Jabber, in parentheses or not)... but I cannot use this one without having text chopped off because of my large font sizes. Thanks!

# by bob_the_gorilla on 10/05/05 at 01:42:30

Should be possible. Didn't know there was a problem! Will try to look into it, if I have time.

# by Flaxion on 06/16/10 at 00:46:07

I've installed it and set it up, but it doesn't shows other peoples msn-displays.. Am I doing something wrong or does it just not work that way?
It shows my own display just right.

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