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Adiclaus v2

Adiclaus v2

Submitted By Auric Goldfinger (auric)


It has been three years already since Adiclaus came out, so this Holidays Season I thought it would be a nice idea to upgrade it and by seeing Eugen Buzuk's Adiumy Green I immediately knew how to revive Santa :-)

Enjoy Adiclaus v2 and... happy holiday season!


  • Version 2.5.0
    • Leopard version

  • Version 2.2
    • Added white hair

  • Version 2.1
    • Modified the beard to make it appear more as a beard, not as a white spot

  • Version 2.0
    • Initial version



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# by JCole on 10/12/07 at 01:04:16

can u make one of moses? im jewish

# by auric on 10/14/07 at 13:30:28

As you wish :-)

# by auric on 10/14/07 at 13:31:56

I've added Adiumoses, but you'll have to wait until the xtra is approved.

# by JCole on 10/14/07 at 14:04:55

o thanks man

# by JCole on 10/14/07 at 14:08:08

are you going to give me credit? :)

# by auric on 10/15/07 at 19:25:51


# by JCole on 10/14/07 at 14:23:23

hey, you seem like your really good at this. Could you possibly make yankee status icons?

# by auric on 10/15/07 at 19:27:23

Yankee like the New York Yankees? If so, I have no idea where to start... If otherwise: I have no idea what you mean ;-)

# by JCole on 10/15/07 at 19:29:30

haha forget much longer do you think before the moses thing is done.

# by auric on 10/15/07 at 19:37:31

you can take a look at it on - I expect it to be downloadable within a couple of days

# by JCole on 10/15/07 at 23:48:56

wow thats amazing. what program do you use to make these?

# by auric on 10/16/07 at 19:31:11

The GIMP ( ) or Photoshop

# by blm on 10/23/07 at 03:34:02

Another awesome set! I don't suppose you'd consider a US thanksgiving set?

# by auric on 10/23/07 at 21:25:48

You're right in that. I wasn't thinking of creating one. But I did anyway :-) (2B approved)

# by blm on 10/23/07 at 21:47:10

Wow, less than 18 hours. It looks great, can't wait to download it (although I don't really need it for another 8 days :-)).

# by armandg on 11/22/07 at 17:34:18

wow, you seem to be doing these quite good! =D
Any chance you could make one for me as well? A little níche but hopefully you can do it, it's my favorite soccerteam Vĺlerenga (Norwegian):

# by armandg on 11/22/07 at 17:53:36

btw, this is the away-jersey:
and this is the middle-logo:

I would really appreciate it if you could find time to do this!

# by auric on 11/22/07 at 22:42:22

Santa's triggering other requests. I asked whether he had a problem with that. He thought. It was a rather long thought while he was watching the palms of his hands from near by. After a while, he answered me: "After all, it is Christmas. And he gave you a lot of information - good information - with which you can create such soccer players. Why not give it a try then? After all, you've created more difficult themes.". He smiled...

# by armandg on 11/23/07 at 04:48:04

a request being made after only a few hours, I'm speechless!
I thank both you and Santa, may your holidays be blessed with good friends and happiness!

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